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Friday, May 27, 2011

Let’s Talk About Jobs

Yesterday’s joke seems to be today’s nightmare. As we all gathered together and when someone was not working up to performance we would say Get a Job! That statement / Joke or not is no joke today. Yes, the job market is getting better but it is changing and requiring new skills. As for the skills of the past those jobs continue to be hard to find. We are sensitive to the direction you may want to take because you may feel you have run out of options. You can’t become financially free if you have little or nothing to work with. If we accomplish anything out of this blog you will understand everyone has the right to be financially free and we intend to give you ideas to head you in that direction. We are going to suggest to you how to be frugal without being cheap or putrid about your spending habits. We are also going to show you to be frugal without putting your entire life on hold to be financially free.

In the coming days we should be coming up with a few more job websites for those of you serious about getting your life back in order. We currently have Job Access Center which is a management to professional’s website. I am not imagining too many professionals reading this blog but, if there are some professionals reading this blogwe are glad we can help. Job Access Center also helps those individuals looking for upper management positions. If you have five or more years of experience in middle management this site may help you spring a better job. You may have to be willing to relocate for these positions.

The next site is is basically for anyone who is looking for a job. Jobs from a to z let’s say. I know some people would like to upgrade their job to a better one and there are many of us that need a job. This may be the easiest format you have. There will be sites entered in the coming week that will help you with résumés and there are sites that will be about self-employment which we are going to get to. But, first we want to concentrate on jobs and adding resources for jobs. The rest can come later.

My suggestion to you is to copy this web address in case we lose you, for you to come back to us, or bookmark this page which may be easier. As we said we will be adding more sites to the sidebar. So check out the two sights we have for jobs and let’s see if we can get something good going for you soon.

We will also soon be adding an e-mail sign up banner where you can sign up for an updates e-mail letter!

The Power of Free


This is a great place to come for you entertainment needs. Whether you are a person that frequents restaurants, or you occasionally go out you cannot miss the bargains with Groupon. You do not have to pay retail to have a nice time. Groupon is good for dating, (Not advised for the first date), married couples, and family events. Maybe even to get together with friends. Don’t feel funny presenting one of these coupons because businesses are doing anything to get you in the door and they get tax breaks by compensating you or coupons. It is all the same when it comes out in the wash. So take a night out on the town and save 50% to 90%. The best part is the Groupon service is free. Just click on the Powered by Goupon Banner near the top of the page.

Or, Click Here for Groupon!

Groupon also has coupons to spas, amusement parks, movies, outings and more. If you are going on a vacation you can change the search and you can get coupons for your destination.

Other Ways To Save

After going through some E-zine articles this week I found this little gem. I have not tested this yet but I figure I would let my readers give this a little test. This site is called Free Groceries Central. In this website you can go state by state in which grocery stores offer free groceries. What you do is take a survey and you are rewarded with up $250.00. What the small print says you have to accept two offers. Just make sure of one thing, if you do the survey check the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy before you accept any offers. I do know the thrifty know how to use surveys to save them a lot of money; one other hint is not to ever put in your cell phone number to receive a text. This will save you unwanted charges to your cell phone bill. If they want you to send them back a code do not enter it to precede, just close the page and move on. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This it is free money and not taxable because it comes in the form of a gift card, you will not be asked for a Social Security Number or given a 1099 form to fill out. These are promotions and fall under the same category as coupons.

If you have any questions about using surveys please e-mail me @

Try Free Grocery Central Click Here!

Have A Great and Safe Memorial Day!
Please remember those who paid the highest price for our freedom!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Getting It All Back Together Again

I really have to admit I miss doing this blog. When I go back and look at the stats we had something good going here. During the time I have taken off from this blog I have been working on a pet project. In that project I have discovered I like blogging but most of all I like helping people. To me there is no better way than to help someone out of distress. I have had my share of financial problems but I have always worked my way out of them by careful spending but not necessarily sacrificing in every way by paying my debts back. On the side bar you will find solutions and opportunities to help you make your own way to financial freedom. These tools and services are places you can go to discover in your own way financial freedom. I know I like to research my way through crisis more than take other peoples advice. But when I need help I would like to know I can find it. I hope with this blog you can find the same.

Let’s Start Over By Defining Financial Freedom!
Financial Freedom does not always mean you are wealthy. Financial freedom means that you are able to pay all your expenses every day of every month of every year without being in debt and in financial worry.

Does that sound like where you want to be?

Financial Freedom should mean to you your own financial comfort and what it takes to be comfortable to you and only you and your family. How wealthy or not wealthy you are should not matter to anyone else. Keeping up with the “Jones” does not mean you are wealthy if you are severely in dept. Material possessions does not mean financial freedom. What you have in “Assets” is financial freedom!

We will be discussing the difference between the two in future posts.
We all can be there someday with some smart financial decisions, some diligent spending and saving.

Does this sound difficult?
It really isn’t so now that I / we commit to focus we can change some of the habits we have had slowly to find a path to financial freedom together. Yes I have had a head start. I have been doing the research and all you have to do is follow some of the options that will be coming up as topics in this blog.

Bookmark This Page and Come Back For More Finding Financial Freedom!

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