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Friday, January 18, 2013

Thinking and living Financial Freedom


Do you want me to let you in on a secret?

By following us in this blog your life very well could possibly change for the better during this coming year.

Then you say, “If it is written in this blog for everyone to see how it could be a secret?”

The secret will remain amongst the followers of this blog but if it works for you, you can tell someone the secret. How does that sound?

As we had said in our New Year’s blog post we were reorganizing with new ideas with a new company called A Better Life Enterprises L.L.C. or as we are going to call it ABLE L.L.C. for short. When my wife and I were thinking and planning the name for our company my wife came up with For A Better Life Enterprises. I sat on the name and abbreviated it and I was not in love with FABLE L.L.C. as you may be able to understand. I really did not want to run a business that was a fairy tale waiting to happen. The F was dropped making FABLE, ABLE a business and not just a story which seems to be what you get from many people today who work, coach and sell online.

During the next year as ABLE L.L.C. we are going to put together some terrific ideas to solve some financial woes as well as send you to research some sound ideas that will have you going from maintaining you current standard in living to succeeding in what you would like to achieve in life. Unlike our old format in Finding Financial Freedom where we gave you some good ideas which were given to help you fight back from the repression of being in debt. Now we are going to point back to those ideas and help you gain ground and succeed by directing you to where you can seek the knowledge to succeed and not just maintain a lifestyle good or bad.
To accelerate aid to many looking for solutions to everyday problems we going to add direct links to help you find government agencies and actual good financial resources and businesses to help you find the aid you need faster. And, with the sources we give you options so you can choose the proper direction you would like to go. The best part of all this is many of these services will be free unless you choose the pay for option. We will also discuss some of the issues and challenges so you can understand them and why you feel the way you do about finances and the institutions that handle your finances.
We realize these actions your are going to take in your life are not going to overnight success stories like most people tell you it can. Besides, it has never worked for me in that way and we are not here, saying it again, going to tell you Fairy Tales. It takes time to change habits and ways of thinking. It takes other sources like video, articles, books, and yes, success coaches like Tony Robins. We will talk about the difference between Life Coaches like Tony Robins, the other MLM and Network Marketing Success Coaches as well as the difference between being a successful online marketer or a sales person just spinning their wheels in life and online. We will also be working with successful online marketers who actually give free seminars to teach you how to work with them and what they have to offer you in your own business. Best of all you never have to leave home to attend these home business outlooks. We will actually give you rebroadcasts links so you can listen in if you cannot attend at the time of the event. We like to start by peaking your interests and showing you a video about the difference between being the average Joe or Josephine and being successful and a leader in anything you do.
It is only fair to say that their are many ways to make money on and off line. We also intend to give you ideas for services  you can offer people offline as well as finding and selling treasures to stuff on e-Bay as well as online classifieds. These will be along with tales of what my wife Pam and I have done to help keep the cash flow positive along with other great tips we have heard from other people who we know.
So lets get ready to PROSPER!!!
With this video we would like to get you to start thinking in a different direction even if it is just by changing some ways of thinking here and there by giving you some influence that will get you from just maintaining your life and finances to having success in your life with a bright financial future.


Grab this great read that will help you understand where many of us go wrong in our approach to our finances. Read this book and ask yourself the question are you a PAW or a UAW?

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

With this New Year Comes Great News to Our Readers

With this New Year comes great news to our readers. Some may think we have put our blogs under new management which is far from the truth.

During the last three months we have been doing a lot of research to provide a more interesting and informative blog while we work with shorter posts with great referrals to great resources and products to make your life easier and better.

Finally my wife Pam and I have joined as partner to join our blogs and other resources as well as Ideas together under the name of A Better Life Enterprises LLC or ABLE LLC to add more professionalism and service to all we provide. We will soon provide more information about us in an About Us page coming soon.
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Have a Happy New Year in Health with Prosperous Financial Growth!!!