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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Living With Your Debt Free Decisions

When you think about your debt situation did you ever think about how you got there? Was your debt situation a situation that was beyond your control like hospital bills, disability payments that had stopped, a financial arrangement that was not honored, bankruptcy of an associate or a partner and so on? Getting into debt is not always your fault. We know you can’t always blame others but you should make it clear to yourself how this happened to you. With the big question to yourself should be, how do I repay the debt? If you go back to the opening entry and read it, the opening statement is about not just thinking, but knowing where you want to be financially in ten years. It is a goal statement! I know where I am going to be financially in ten years and I will be doing exactly what my goal had stated. I already have the foundation steps of my game plan in motion. The one thing you have to remember is, there are no get out of debt for free passes out there. Unless you take the steps necessary to solve the problem your debt will be there to haunt you. What we offer you here at Finding Financial Freedom are the stepping-stones for you to live a life free of financial bourdon. Your first step is to make up your mind what you want to do, develop a plan, implement the plan and take action. We have the tools for you here at Finding Financial Freedom and Help With - Debt Rights. When you use our web address, a landing page comes up where all the products and services described in this blog are. Unlike this blog the landing pages have more products and services content. You can open the advertised websites in new windows in the Help With - Debt Rights pages. There you can easily compare the products to help you. The websites are easy to compare when all the websites you choose are open in a separate window. You can minimize one website to look at the other. Finally, in Help With - Debt Rights there are four pages of self-help products and professional financial help services for you to look over with more to be added as we research them.

In a short time the home website for Help With – Debt Rights, Scotty’s Specialty Shack, .com is going to be redesigned as a Debt Free Shopping Solution Website offering only Pay Pal as its main payment outlet. Coming in November and December if the associates we advertise for do not offer a beneficial product or service or a way to pay from your bank account safely we will not advertise for them, making room for only debt free shopping websites and solutions. The websites out there that do not offer debt free shopping are a dime a dozen and Scotty’s Specialty Shack wants to be a leader in solving debt problems and not creating debt problems by offering only responsible payment methods. For now Scotty’s Specialty Shack is transforming and Help With – Debt Rights is there for your debt solutions. We will keep you posted on our progress with Scott’s Specialty Shack.

In the mean time an associate we are going to highly endorse is e-Billme. e-Billme is a website dedicated to Debt Free Shopping in a very convenient way. You can signup with e-Billme directly through your bank account in a safe manner by using e-Billme’s safe signup method. Also, e-Billme has payment centers all over the USA to make your payments in cash for some that do not want to pay online for one reason or another. You order what you would like through any of e-Billme’s retailers then print a receipt take to the receipt to a e-Billme Payment Center then what you ordered will be delivered where you have specified. e-Billme Payment Center locations are specified on the e-Bill me website. Why shop online with e-Billme? The reason is you can get warehouse direct prices from many different retailers. You find something in the store you like, before you buy retail check e-Billme and buy the item with the benefit of paying cash you can get even better than sale prices. In some cases you can get up to forty to fifty percent savings with e-Billme online coupons. e-Billme is like a savings club and you do not have to pay a fee to be a member.

Another safe way to stay on your budget and not use credit cards is to link your accounts to Pay Pal. Many online shoppers use Pay Pal fo their purchases online. In fact Pay Pal is one of the originators in safe online payments. There are many linking options with Pay Pal and Pay Pal is one of the leaders against fraud with its alerting methods. You can also receive payments with Pay Pal making Pay Pal a great source for online transactions. Lastly you can dispute any purchase problem using Pay Pal as your vehicle for a dispute. This can save you time with phoning in a complaint or a getting a refund. Click on one of the Pay Pal keywords or the sign up for Pay Pal which will be on the side bar.

One other online budgeting idea is to buy a Visa or American Express Gift Card to do your shopping online. For a small fee you pay by purchasing these gift cards can save you big in interest dollars down the road while helping you stay within your budget. You can also recharge these cards so you do not have too many Gift Cards in your possession with small balances on them, or save the cards up with small balances and do something special for yourself. Just be careful and watch for expiration dates with these cards. They also can loose some value if you do not use them within a specified period of time. Any way you look at it, it is a great safe way to shop online, get great discounts and stay on budget. You can use the same idea for your regular shopping if you do not like to carry around a lot of cash. You can also use Gift Cards as a budgeting tool with many of the things you used to use a credit card for including on the telephone purchases. Lastly the best card to use is the Visa Gift Card. The Visa Gift Card is the most widely accepted with most purchases. However, the American Express Gift Cards are good if the Visa Gift Card is not available to you. You can get these cards at your Local Supermarket.

Now that we have some suggestions on how to shop online we would like to show you one more shopping solutions for now. This associate is called the UXcell Online Wholesale Outlet. When looking over this website we saw some great sale prices on the UXcell’s Website merchandize. Some of the savings at the UXcell Online Wholesale Outlet are up to forty five percent from the retail price on many items. The UXcell Online Wholesale Outlet has the potential of being a great website for you to shop for gifts with their warehouse direct low prices. The UXcell Online Wholesale Outlet accepts Pay Pal making your shopping experience easy.

Cleaning Up Your Financial Well Being

As we had said at the beginning of this entry we need to know where we have been to know where to go with you financial decisions in the future. To know where we have been means we should look over our credit past. There are tools you can use to do this yourself. As you look over your credit past have a pen and paper handy and take notes. You want to go through what is on your credit report and make sure there were not entries made on your credit report that did not actually happen by you or to you. These are call derogatory entries to your credit report. Derogatory entries are also put on your credit report when you have violated a credit policy such as being late on a payment and so on. My father,s and my name are similar and we have found things that have crossed on our credit reports. If there are derogatory entries you need to dispute them if you did not break the credit policy. This will help you with your recovery. Make sure there is no fraud activity going on in your credit profile ether. We will discuss this in some detail next week and how to combat some of these problems with your credit reports and score. We will have for you some sources of prevention and help to research and use. To check your credit report we have three sources we can suggest in credit monitoring. We offer three sources so you can choose a program you believe best suits you. All these sources are leading credit monitoring services and offer different programs. All these services alert you when there is activity in your credit report to help you monitor your progress and prevent future problems with your credit well being. The first is Credit Score .com which was one of the original credit monitoring services. The next is Free Credit Score .com probably the most widely known from their commercials but not affiliated with Free Credit Report .com. With the last being my FICO score .com, which is our last popular option. Look over the three and see what best suits your needs and sign up.

Here at Finding Financial Freedom we realize that this blog is not for everyone. In some ways this blog is back to basics financing. Back to basics is simple financing and if you are in financial crisis thinking simply offers a little comfort after dealing with debt collections and the complexity of a severe debt situation. What we want you to achieve is simple using some of the technology of today with some old time basic living and yesterday’s ideas in spending and saving. It is our wish to give you a bright financial future and hope you go back and read the past entries. If you are new to this blog please feel free to browse this blog and it will not be hard to catch up knowing this blog is a new blog that just started to post recently. With that thought it is comforting enough to know that there will be more Finding Financial Freedom to come so bookmark this blog address. We want you to come back time and time again for hints, products and services to strengthen your financial well being. We will be adding some interesting articles and videos in the future with more helpful hints in getting along while paying back your debt. The ideas are endless and it is to our contentment that we have sparked some hope for you and those around you.

Day by day becoming Financially Free seems like an uphill battle. Week by week it will start to get better for us, and month by month you will grow, prosper while being innovative with your finances. It takes a little time, a little patience, and a lot of discipline but as the time goes on you will see we can become Financially Free Together Forever!

A Promised Addition To Last Week’s Entry

For all our readers that are Job seeking we have found another source for you to find employment. This website is At you can post your resume for free. also offers tips on tweaking your resume. is a great source for employment with over 850,000 jobs posted. We at Finding Financial Freedom hope that will help with your job seeking needs.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making Ends Meet

For many of us carrying debt is a part of life. Some of us manage our debt without over extending our limits. Many of us with the demands of this economy presently many of us will become over extended in our debt. Some of the latest statistics are saying that the average American is spending a dollar and ten cents for every dollar they are earning. In the past year or so there have been many laws passed to help consumers with mounting debt, counteracting many of the laws passed in the early 2000’s that favored the banking industry. The laws of the early 2000’s in today’s standards were not favorable to the consumer or small business. This has been proven by this current economy and has put many individuals in economic distress. We have briefly gone over some services, memberships and bankruptcy to help those who are in need of solutions. We have only just begun with all the work we still have to do in this blog. We have not even touched the surface of budgeting and cutting the fat out of your budget. This blog is about survival tactics without lashing back at individuals and staying close to those we care for.

If you are new to this blog it may be a good idea to go back and review the material in past entries. We know this blog is not for everyone, but for those survivors who want to deal with their debt problems and rebuild their lives bookmark this page. There is more Finding Financial Freedom to come. This week we are going to add credit-monitoring websites to our sidebar as well as one other source for bankruptcy lawyers. Rocket Lawyer a membership website where you can get legal advice and forms. Rocket Lawyer could be an inexpensive way to get the information you need to make a decision on any bankruptcy issue you may have. We are also going to add Just Ask. Just Ask is a website where you can ask any type of question and experts will give you answers. Just Ask is good for those individuals that are undecided and do not want to be influenced by a financial consultant or sales person.

Ideas To Get You Going

I want to take a moment to make an introduction to someone who is one of the innovators of online marketing. Our intent here is to give you some ideas on how you can start getting some cash together in your spare time. Bob Satchel has made money over the Internet for two decades. He is not one of those self proclaimed Internet Gurus. He has down to earth ideas and there are of seven hours of those ideas on video and audio in what Bob has to offer. There is also an e-Book that explains these ideas in more detail. Ideas as simple as placing the items around the house that are collecting dust and you don’t use in online free ads. Bob explains in detail the proper way to display your ads online to make them more attractive to buyers. Or ideas on getting started with eBay showing you the right way to auction and maximize what you make with those auctions. Bob also explains the best time to post your auction items with free websites to help you get the most from what you posted. All this is done in a down to earth manner to help you clear away some clutter and help you with the struggle with finances. It is as easy as turning on your digital camera, borrowing a digital camera, or having a friend as your photographer and downloading your pictures. That is only the beginning of all the ideas without the intimidation and fables of the Gurus. Bob calls his course Internet Riches Made Easy. I call it Working On the Internet Made More Realistic. It is worth the time and the money invested and you will get results as long as you know there is work involved. Bob and Internet Riches Made Easy makes working on the Internet seem easy when you know what you are doing. The Internet Riches Made Easy Audio (only) is Free for a short time. Look on the sidebar for Internet Riches Made Easy.

The next Idea we want you to see is freelance writing. In this website Go Freelance you can actually do writing jobs at home. Go Freelance also has job opportunities filling in forms. Go Freelance is a self-employment opportunity. If you have some talent writing or you are fast and accurate with a keyboard you may want to check into Go Freelance. According to Go Freelance there are thousands of writing and typing jobs in their network. Go Freelance is a membership website and they are currently offering a seven day free trial. I do not know how long the free trial will last so look into Go Freelance soon.

The other work from home offers are more sales than working on the Internet. Both are low cost to start. Both are single tier marketing and not multilevel marketing like most other marketing websites. The first one is a relatively new company it is called Natures First. Nature’s First is a diet and dietary supplement company. This can be done either on the Internet, with leads, with get-togethers, parties or whatever your skills and ideas are in sales. Nature’s First also offers free training over the phone. There are also sample specials which you can purchase with other marketing tools. The Start up cost with Nature’s First is low. You start by buying and trying one or two Nature’s First products. How you start depends on the package you choose. Once you choose a package by buying one or two products you will be given the website. Nature’s First e-mails you every Monday about the Monday night training calls. These training calls can be reviewed at any time if the Monday night call is not convenient for you. We want to remind you this is a young company and you can get started just by trying Nature’s First products at retail cost. Nature’s First also has a good compensation plan with down to earth ideas of income and marketing. Other than purchasing Nature’s First products there is no monthly Hosting Fee for your website..

The last idea we have for this week is My World Plus. My World Plus is free to look into. If you do sign up as a marketer it is fifty dollars with your first months membership fee of twenty dollars. If you just want to look into the savings plan that is twenty dollars and then decide whether you want to be a reprehensive or not. You can also just look at the program for free. The training is free. Again you have from five or six websites to choose from at all times with Banners and support with many different types of marketing schemes. You can start out marketing to your friends and neighbors, start clubs with My World Plus training calls every week to guide you. My World Plus is a discount merchandiser advertising products, restaurants with online discounts coupons with a My Word Plus Membership and discount card. My World Plus is referral membership. With each months membership you get over two hundred dollars in coupons with your membership being recognized by many retailers listed on the My Word Plus website. Remember you can look for free and then enroll. If My World Plus is not for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Lastly, just pay your monthly membership fee and you website hosting is included.

Please remember all these suggestions take work to be successful. Our intent is to give you extra income ideas. If you are unemployed and looking or a stay at home parent giving these ideas a little more effort is fine. There are individuals making money using online tools. However, until you get good at operating a online business and making a good positive income, Do Not Give Up Your Day Job! The Rewards will come later.

A Source For Job Seekers

Employment and marketing are not going to be the main theme here at Finding Financial Freedom, but we do realize many of you are struggling because a family member may not be working at this time to help with the family expenses. We also realize many of you have lost their jobs and are seeking employment to get back on your feet. We want you to help you find something suitable for you. We are now connected with Job Member Access Center a job placement website that looks to be for the higher management and professionals. From what we have read there are restaurant management, hospitality management, industrial management, professional and executive, positions open through Job Member Access Center. Unfortunately there are not skilled positions at Job Member Access Center. In the coming weeks we will be looking for a general employment websites for everyone. When we come in contact with one we will do a special posting.

As the weeks go on you will find that Finding Financial Freedom is dedicated to your future and how you can come to one place to help you with ideas from A to Z in solving financial problems. Some ideas will be back to basics and some innovative ideas to help you take the route you decide to successfully make your debt go away.

Next week we are going to briefly talk about credit monitoring. We will be going more in depth with credit monitoring the week of October 20th with credit repair. If you are just guessing your credit score you might be surprised that it may not be as bad as it seems. If there are problems with your credit report are or incorrect entries to your credit report you want to fix, we will provide sources that can help you with that. We are also going to get into online debt free shopping solutions. There are great values when shopping online the key is not to use a credit card. We are going to show you how you can pay cash online and save. You can pay for your purchases through your bank or a local office where you can pay cash. We want to do this early so the many of us with families do not have to sweat the Holiday Season while saving money and staying on budget. We are looking to help you solve your problems one day, one week, and one month at a time. So we all can become Financially Free Together Forever