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Monday, October 31, 2011

The First Step to Financial Freedom is the Hardest

I always say falling into debt is not always your fault. Sure some of make mistakes in managing our finances and we are all not financial experts, bankers, or accountants. Things happen in our lives that can be unexpected but what is expected is your financial obligation once you take one or them on is resolved in one way or another you are responsible for them. With computers and modern tracking techniques you may not always pay them but they will be tracking your every move until the debt is resolved. There is no getting around it.

You will see me repost something at least quarterly about Credit Counseling. I think it is important before you spend any money to contact a reputable credit counseling agency. Yes we have other ways of solving debt on the sidebar but what you need to know you cannot solve your debt problems blindly. By consulting an expert you are educating yourself on the other options out there. If your mind is made up go with one of those products but what I am saying is first contact a Credit Counseling Agency before making the big decision. Credit Counseling will help you set up a budget, advise you on where to go to get help If you need it bankruptcy not likely but maybe debt settlement, or get you into a credit counseling program where you can save up to fifty percent on your unsecured debt and credit card interest charges with a small monthly fee for processing. This is usually a large one lump monthly payment. The best part is the counseling is for free. Free Financial advice it’s free. I can’t say anything else but to stop the nagging debt problem or to tell you where you can go for help and it’s free. It does not get any better than free. Keep on having your creditors sucking your money and your life having your life sucked out of you or getting help that is free. I knew my choice thirteen years ago and it was free then and the counseling end of the service is still free. No gimmicks no nothing, Free!

After your counseling as a consumer you can use any products and services you want. This is your right as a consumer. And there are other quality services out there we are going to suggest from time to time, but it’s refreshing to know there is help out there when you are strapped and need it. So here are the two services I recommend and they are both well accredited credit counseling services you can start with over the phone or online. The one I joined is Consumer Credit Counseling. There is a national website and then for those of you who live in central to South New Jersey, Northern Delaware, and Southeastern Pennsylvania there is the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley, the service I joined thirteen years ago. And there is another service called Credit Guard Services of America. I have reviewed their website after reading about them in a national magazine. So when you get done laughing I found this article in the Women’s World October 10, 2011 Issue, one of my wife’s favorite magazines.  I will give you the Web-addresses to CCCS of Delaware Valley as well as the national site for Consumer Credit Counseling. And, finally I will give you the web address to Credit Guard Credit Counseling, So don’t put up with the agony of debt any longer because credit counseling is the best place to start, hands down!

Working Toward a Simpler Blog

As we said with the last post we are working to a simpler blog format. This transformation is going to take a little time to move certain formats that make blog posts to long are going to be moved to permanent pages for reference for our readers. These pages will constantly evolve like good blogs and websites do. This will make for a more interesting easier to write and read blog without a lot of duplicate information week after week. So to all our regular readers we will be getting back into routine soon.

The new page that has been added this post or entry is Building an Internet Presence.  Blogging is one of the quickest ways to get on the internet and build your own presence. This is why we started with blogging as our first page. For those of you that would like to get started with your part-time home business or resurrect an old one can get started with these methods. Again these methods take time to work for you but this is good targeted marketing to help you get leads at little or no cost to you. Remember when these processes start working for you they will deliver steady results as with your constant effort in advertising.

 Learn More About Building an Internet Presence by Clicking Here!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introducing You to Some New Ideas for an Easier to Understand Blog

This week we are going to divert from our normal format to introduce you to the stand alone pages in this blog. The standalone pages we will be introducing you to over the next two months or so are going to be reference points you can return to.  These pages will help you financially as well as helping you with productivity in your life and with any route you want to take in your career or self-employment.

In reading these pages please remember that these are suggestions. We here at Finding Financial Freedom are here to refer you to the best services out there we can associate ourselves with. Any opportunities are here for you to research and we will help you, coach you in any way we can but as for specific financial advice if you need it, please refer to some of the services we refer you to or find professional services through other resources you find on your own.  This is your Financial Recovery and Wellbeing Toolbox so please take advantage of it, In our June 12, 2011 blog post Getting Set with a Budget we give you some of our suggestions to professional help some come for free though Consumer Credit it Counseling with more services on the sidebar we became associated with since the June 21, 2011.

In the opportunity pages (coming in the near future) we will list all the opportunities we have had you preview to date as well as tell you where you can go for free to low cost training to get your businesses up and running. We also added two Opportunities that have excellent training on the side bar that you can start today and make money quickly if you just follow the instructions. Again, at no cost to you to start your business or part-time job. As far as the of startup businesses that we exposed you to in the past, most of them are no cost to low cost startups to help you learn and get Direct and Affiliate marketing skills without worrying about the high startup costs that scare most people away from learning how to market. We will be offering low cost and free ways for you to train as you start your marketing business or part-time job which are also opportunities for you to make money just by referring the training that is working for you to your team members and others.

Marketing is the way of the future in this new turn around and troubled economy. The families and individuals that will do the best financially in the future will operate a small business of some sort or another even if they work their business part-time. Remember unless you are a seasoned marketer; Don’t Give up Your Day Job!!! Even if you do not do marketing as your business you still have to market any venture you pursue so any marketing you learn through us will be beneficial to you. Stay secure but if you want to work part-time for extra income build a small business for yourself so you have something call your own, something to fall back on if you need to and where no one can fire you or lay you off.  Wal-Mart has enough Greeters, Stock People and Cashiers so leave that job for someone who needs a job to get back on their feet.  Who knows, you could be teaching them how to market on your team one day!

In getting started I believe we covered enough for now on e-mail marketing. Those entries will be compiled into a page for a one page reference in the future so you will not have to go back to all those blog posts to reference them.

What we will start you off on is building an online presence for free by understanding blogs and blogging. This way you can begin to impress the people on your e-mail list to date and let them know you are a serious marketer or business person with your own blog and online presence. Just relax, define your niche, have fun, be yourself, keep in mind blogging like anything else takes some to learn, put your best stuff out there and build your online presence by being a blogger starting today!

For Understanding this and Other Interactive Blogs go to the Pages Widget on the sidebar or ClickHere!

To go to the June 21, 2011 blog post getting Set with a Budget Click Here!

October 4, 2012 Update to this Blog Post

Since we posted this on October 2, 2011 we moved the Opportunity programs to Creative Marketing Helper. This is a way to simplify this blog and keep its dedication to help those in financial distress. Even in good times directing and helping people learn and practice good financial habits is imperative to the health and welfare of the individual as well as a strong family life while establishing personal respect.

We strongly encourage you as the Finding Financial Freedom Blog reader to look over Creative Marketing Helper. As the content grows in both blogs we hope you will grow along with us by becoming self-employed part time and find there is a more secure future in building a Home Based Business more so in these hard times.

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