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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


You would expect me to begin this blog by bashing our financial system and financial institutions. This will not be the case. I am not going to take the time to bash the educational system. That is up to educational institutions to make financial management a priority course for every student. I do not even believe that our parents were at fault. If they were not instructed by their parents the right financial techniques, how are they going to teach you strong financial skills. However, I do believe that debt is a real social problem that needs to be addressed. Debt is a major factor in stress, depression, failure of relationships, divorce, and even suicide. I did not even mention all the addictions that can be attributed to the stress of debt. The truth is the latest statistic say that up to seventy percent of American Families will be seeking financial help in the next five years. That’s not to mention the current economic condition.

Now that I got you through the shock wave, let us look at the problem. When we were younger, our parents and teachers used to talk about how bad it was to fall in debt and go bankrupt. Your parents or teachers only instilled the fear of bankruptcy but did not guide you properly in how to manage you money. Teaching these values is a process that takes time to instill in anyone, and it just does not happen over night. This is most likely the reason why you are reading this information now. Reading this information is a wonderful thing. Why? It is now my passion to help as many people get on track as I possibly can. I do not want to waste your time in bashing the system I prefer taking the time to guide you through your dilemma, if one exists. For some of you, who do not have a serious debt problem, just think of this as a start in building a terrific future of being debt free and building true wealth. I just want you to be put in the right position, and the rest will be up to you. You will find many resources as this blog continues. Unlike one-sided sales professional with this blog you will gain the knowledge and the resources to help you keep from stumbling on your way to financial recovery.

I am sure your first question is how am I going to do this? The answer is that I am not the one that is going to teach you. Other professionals are. My job is only going to be to suggest and guide you. There are other resources that can help you and I am going to guide you to them. Some are going to be low cost, some are going to be little or no money out of pocket (if you need professional services), and some going to be free as in free reports and video. You will be in control of becoming debt free and it will be interesting, enjoyable, rewarding, with the content constantly updating.

Now you say what makes me an authority on debt? Certainly not a degree! I am just like you, except I have successfully paid off all my unsecured debt before. How did I do this? I went to seek counseling and did it without going bankrupt. It takes time patients, discipline determination, and dedication. Since I have gone the process before I want the job coaching you because I am in the process of doing it again. You will not feel alone during this process. Yes, we together, will change our financial future!

Do you remember that real estate crunch of 2007? That Real Estate Crunch is now firmly planted in many of our minds. Yes, I was in that crunch financially. After paying off all that debt in hopes of becoming an investor I used resources that now I have to pay back. Then I had a problem with my disability being denied because of a mistake an Investigator made in my case. This happened after being disabled for eleven years they wanted all their money back. Between the lawyer’s fees and all the unsecured debt I used, I am back in my debt dilemma and now I am in the process of paying back all that debt over again. That is why I say we can do this together. You will eventually see why I am to blame for my dilemma because I want you to see my trap in taking on debt did for me, so it does not happen to you. It is the question of good debt vs. bad dept. Again. this is why I say we can do this together. Which brings me to the reason I chose a blog format instead of a regular website. You can be a part of the process by commenting and being involved. That is where this process will become interesting and I hope entertaining. So, find and click on the keywords, phrases, and banners get the products and services you believe that best suits you. Everybody’s financial standing and situation is different. Finally let me do some of the research to guide you, let others show you the way, and let’s become “Financially Free Together Forever.”

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